In an ever-changing environment, organizations require the ability to rapidly acquire services and products on time and on budget to evolve with their mission.

Acquisition, Contracting and Financial Management

Integrity understands that acquisition is a complex process under more pressure than ever with reduced budgets and a changing federal workforce. Integrity’s multidisciplinary teams deliver high-quality products that contribute to sound acquisition planning, policy and strategy development.

From defining requirements, to choosing the best contract type, to measuring and reporting progress, Integrity provides the strategy and acquisition support tools needed for any stage of the acquisition lifecycle. Customers rely on Integrity to help stand up and manage acquisitions efficiently and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Our experienced teams excel in acquisition document production and review, as well as the use of templates, SOP’s and training to streamline processes. Further, they innovate by creating dynamic databases which can be harnessed to generate timely reports on the status of procurement packages and obligation rates.

From policy review, to government-recipient liaison, to the full grants lifecycle (pre-award, award, administration, review, analysis, closeout), Integrity maintains its focus on efficiency and oversight to improve the grants management process and achieve agency missions.

We provide the full range of financial and performance management support services essential to government clients as they plan and execute their portfolios, investments and projects. From implementing PPBE cycles, to OMB’s performance management framework, we partner with our clients each step of the way. With full knowledge of government financial, legal and regulatory frameworks and systems (GPRAMA, OMB A-11, OMB A-123), we support the efficient and compliant allocation of funds.


Service Offerings

Integrity delivers the skills and technology clients need to address the financial aspects of their program delivery as well manage contracts and budgets effectively.
  • Requirements Development
  • Capital Planning & Investment Control
  • Market Research & Vendor Relations Support
  • Lifecycle Cost Estimating and IGCE Support
  • Planning, Programming, Budgeting & Execution (PPBE)
  • Risk Management for Procurement & Contract Lifecycle
  • Contracts & Grants Management
  • Procurement & Solicitation Support
  • Policy, Planning, Strategy & Guidance
  • Training for CORs and Contracting Staff

Integrity in Action

Department of Homeland Security

Integrity has proudly supported DHS with full life cycle management (LCM) support activities.

The Integrity team worked to provide protection of a .gov domain, provided personnel workshops and supported our DHS customer’s first-ever Industry Day.Read Case Study

Program Executive Office Defense Healthcare Management System (DHMS)

Integrity provided the core planning, programming, budgeting and execution (PPBE) expertise for the PEO DHMS.We provided a framework for PEO DHMS business processes and provided annual budget support to ensure alignment with strategic goals and objectives.​​ READ CASE STUDY

Integrity Clients… In Their Own Words

“Integrity… exceeded contractual requirements [in] our budget, financial, procurement, acquisition, program outreach, [and] contract management support…. IMC’s performance was excellent… providing exceptional support that exceed[ed] program objective[s] ….”

DHS CPARS Report Comment (Integrity rated as “Exceptional”)

“From acquisition planning to issuance of RFQ to technical evaluations, QASP, contract management plan and ordering guide, you (Integrity) have walked in lock-step with the Fed team.” 

GSA BPA Contracting Officer Representative (COR)

“Integrity provided superior technical acquisition support, researching laws related to acquisition policy…their work was outstanding, and the technical excellence of their staff was vital to moving the business forward.” 


“The support provided by Integrity’s employees continues to be very good…Our closeouts continue to be processes as the best in the nation…as a result, we are the top region in the nation regarding the promptness of the closeouts of our task order/contract files…”

“The acquisition management support service staff provided by Integrity Management Consulting, Inc….showed dedication and expertise in this type of work and considered an asset to the [client] workforce. I definitely would consider this contractor to any future projects of GSA…”

“Integrity provides us with top quality experienced people that do a tremendous job by efficiently and effectively supporting our fast-paced organization…”

“Integrity is a top-quality contractor, providing top-quality contractor support….We asked for the right mix of staff, and we received better.” 

GSA Contracting Officer (CO)

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