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Integrity Announces Partnership with Braddock Elementary School


Tysons, VA – December 8, 2017—Integrity Management Consulting, Inc. (Integrity), a provider of major systems acquisition and program management support services to federal clients, announced today its partnership with Braddock Elementary School.  Braddock Elementary School, located in Annandale, Virginia educates approximately 850 students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade.  As a Title I school, Braddock Elementary receives a federal grant to provide all children significant opportunities to receive a fair, equitable, and high-quality education, and to close educational achievement gaps.  There are many pressing needs which are not met by government funding at this school where approximately 80% of the student body is on a free lunch program.

Integrity leadership met with Principal Kesha Jackson-Muir to develop the focus of a partnership for calendar year 2018.  This scalable partnership will begin with two primary thrusts – student mentoring and meeting basic but essential needs of the community including food, warm bedding, and clothing. Integrity CEO, Christopher Romani said, “This partnership with Braddock Elementary is important because it helps us focus our community outreach efforts on a community close to home where we can make an impact – elementary school students and families in need.  As our company has been very blessed, it is rewarding for us to invest our time and resources to help the children of Braddock Elementary achieve their dreams and give them hope.”

Giving students hope is the primary theme for the school and is a rallying cry for the administrators and teachers at Braddock Elementary. Corporate partnerships are a vital tool that Braddock Elementary uses to meet the unique needs of its students and community. Romani went on to say, “We are excited to partner with Mrs. Jackson-Muir and her stellar team to provide impactful support to these amazing students who have limitless potential.”

About Integrity: Integrity Management Consulting is committed to providing acquisition, program, and financial management support services that help federal customers achieve their goals with confidence.  Integrity’s contract vehicles include multiple GSA schedules – a Professional Services Schedule that includes MOBIS and FABS SINs, and an IT 70 Schedule, as well as FAA eFAST MOA and a Navy SeaPort-e IDIQ. Our flexible structure permits fast service and a rapid response nationally. Integrity Management Consulting supports a wide range of federal agencies. Integrity has been recognized with multiple awards for innovation, service to federal agencies, corporate philanthropy and growth.