Well run government requires carefully coordinated logistics.


Integrity provides a full range of logistics support for federal and defense clients. We can deploy rapidly and help plan, track, and account for the assets that defend our nation and enhance our government’s ability to deliver service to citizens.

Our services go beyond traditional logistics. They are specifically designed to handle every element of the logistics process so that your organization can focus on what matters most – completing the mission.


Service Offerings

Integrity offers a complete range of logistics services, including:

  • Performance Based Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Asset Management
  • Rapid Capability Deployment
  • Product Support
  • Policy, Planning, Strategy, and Guidance
  • Training

Integrity in Action

U.S. Navy

Integrity provided our Navy customer with personnel to maintain, update and use the logistics system to track and account for military assets used by our nations Special Operations warfighters. Integrity’s work helped our Navy customer comply with SOFTAV AND IUID requirements. We developed policy and procedures to assist with receiving certification and accreditation for an IT application. Read Case Study

Integrity Clients… In Their Own Words

“Your dedication and expertise made it possible to tackle the tasks at hand….You managed to do it correctly, ahead of schedule, and with accolades from the higher echelon for your forward leaning, impeccable execution.”

Excerpt from Navy letter of commendation