Get Off the Lessons Learned Treadmill: Simple Ideas for Continuous Improvement in 2015

As a Program Manager, have you noticed a trend that your program keeps on repeating the same lessons learned or mistakes?  As a program, when completing a yearly reporting requirement, do you hear yourself stating to your staff that we did not complete x, y, or z in order to fulfill our operational requirements?  If […]

5 Steps to a Successful “Lessons Learned” Process

Integrity Management Consulting and GovLoop collaborated on a 12-part series called “Conscientious Contracting: A Thoughtful Approach to Acquisition and Program Management,” as well as a 25-page acquisition guide.  Both feature the expertise of acquisition professionals and Integrity subject matter experts. GovLoop’s Andrew Krzmarzick, writes about making Lessons Learned a critical part of your organization’s success. In our 25-page guide titled, “Addressing […]

Integrity Responds to COVID-19: